Imperio Wealth is a real estate investment company that purchases buildings, which it then partially or fully restores,
so as to then list them in the international market for rent and/or sale.

This listing may be either for entire buildings, or for individual flats once a building is subdivided horizontally.
These buildings and flats are made unique by their personality, location and originality, the goal being to ensure the maximum satisfaction and profitability of their clients.

Imperio Wealth also handles the selection, analysis, acquisition,
tracking and management of the entire project.
From identifying the project and determining its viability to the purchase, technical restructuring, remodelling, interior design, marketing and complete legal
and financial oversight of the project.

Barcelona, faithful to its origins

Imperio Wealth was founded in Barcelona
by people who know and love the city’s history.

This is why the investment company is offering a portfolio
of unique and emblematic properties that are rooted in Catalan society, like the building on Pau Claris Street (the old Vinçon Building)
or the property on Sant Antoni Maria Claret Street, located very close to the Hospital San Pau
modernist complex, along with other investments underway both in Barcelona and in the renowned Costa Brava.

In 2009 the city was ranked third in Europe
and one of the most successful worldwide in terms of its branding.
That same year, Barcelona was ranked the fourth best European city for business
and the most improved European city, with a 17% annual growth rate.

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